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winter nights and wellbeing

So now the clocks have gone back and the nights are definitely drawing in, winter is defo on its way!! a part of me likes the the sense that i love being all snug in comfy pj's and cosy jumpers and of course a nice hot relaxing bath with lush bath bombs! :). But the other side of  me struggles with winter and dislike it. i get SAD. its dark in the mornings, so getting out of bed  for work  is a massive challenge for me in itself! its dark and cold and just eugh!i struggle with sleeping so i'm constantly tired. I just feel sometimes very distant from the world. SO!.....this year i have decided to turn over a new leaf and not let the winter months ruin my mood! i should invest in a UV lamp...but the simple truth of it, i never used to want to face the fact that i needed one, and that i could deal with it on my own, plus it wouldn't go in my bedroom ha! i was in superdrug over the weekend and saw that they had there own brand of vitamin D on offer, so i have gone …

About me

Hi! my names stacey, im 25 years old and a lover of all thing beauty,fashion and life! :)

on a very bored evening which is tonight, i decided i will start writing a blog, ive been contemplating it for a little while and thought the what the hell!. Im a massive chatterbox so what better place to talk about anything and everything?! :). i am a hairdresser so it all fits in to everything i love as well as lifestyle and life experiences itself.

short and sweet for now but its a start!