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Pumpking picking!

So as its coming up to halloween, i decided to go to a pumpkin patch this year! tbh.....i normally just go to a supermarket to buy my pumpkins but it just seemed so much funner actually being able to go and pick your very own! I went to fox farm produce in colchester. I went on a good rain meant not extremely muddy shoes! i must say i couldn't quite believe all the different type of pumpkins you could choose from, i knew there was munchkin ones, but not blue pumpkins.....yes blue!! i have never seen these before! They had all different varieties that you could choose, from your normal pumpkins to all different types of squashes and as I said the blue/grey pumpkins which I believe are called 'crown prince pumpkins'. Now even though it's a pumpkin patch and you can choose your own, they are already cut from the vines which makes it easier for people to grab and go! I went only a week ago, there was a fair few left but as the days go on they get less and less as …

Autumn feels

I'm such a big fan of Autumn, it's my favourite time of year and season. From the colours of the pretty leaves,the conkers and acorns, to the clothes! It's definitely when the jumpers start to make an appearance again. The Autumn/winter fashion is definitely one of my favourites, such lovely colours, from the burgundys to the mustards and burnt orange/red tones. And not forgetting a good vampy lip!
I love being cosy....I'm definitely an Autumn kind of girl, being all snug in a nice jumper or some warm fluffy pjs with a good movie and hot chocolate or wine 😉 It's my perfect day! Putting all the candles on, all the pumpkin spiced ones.....I can't get enough of cinnamon and spiced pumpkin scents this time of year! Even a good ol' Starbucks pumpkin latte ( just delicious!).

some autumn decor :


Bath and body works autumn collection

Can we just talk about bath and body works products?! i flippin' LOVE them!. They always bring out the best scents especially in autumn/winter. So it would of been rude of me not to try out some of the autumn creamy body wash range ;)

I'll be honest...its not my favourite packaging that they have brought out but putting that aside, they smell AMAZING!

For those who live in the uk (like me) and are not lucky enough to have any stores near to just go in and buy everything! (i wish i could!) we do have a few options...oh yes, you can get your hands on them, hooray!! you can order on the website and get them shipped over but you can pay a hefty customs charge :( and you cannot order everything from there to be shipped to the u.k. I use a uk facebook selling site, with people who work on cabin crew, who can take direct orders! or from lovely people that do make a big orders to be shipped! the people on the facebook site which is called bath and body works fans uk are amazing and i …

bring out the berry lips!

So now its autumn....well supposed to be! its still pretty mild tbh! wating for the real autumn to arrive! but nevertheless...its time to bring out the berry lips!

The berry lip is one of my favourite looks! a true autumn/winter classic! and not forgetting a nice cosy jumper in mustard which i think really makes the lips pop out even more! this colour is a mac lipstick in the colour ; Dark deed.  this shade was actually from a limited edition collection, but im pretty sure they will  have a shade similar!

Here's a photo of a few of my favourite berry colours. you cant beat a berry tone! x

skip forward 4 years...

So ive actually decided to start my blog back up again, ha! not that i started it really to begin with in 2013...just 2 posts (oops!) but im going to try and keep it up this time!
Funnily enough i think it must be roughly the same time i attempted it the first time! must be the autumn night that get me thinking more :)
so lets its how it goes....:)