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Revolution pro foundation drops review!

Testing Testing 123!
 I have heard a lot of good things about the revolution pro foundations so obviously i had to try them out!

They are a drug store brand which are available in Superdrug and are extremely affordable!
i have tried quite a few revolution products and they haven't disappointed! makeup revolution seems to impress me more and more everyday! and the brand seems to be extending and adding more additions to the brand like the revolution pro range. So its only fair that i try the new range right?!

well they must be popular because in my superdrug they didn't have much stock in the pro full coverage camouflage foundation which is the one I'm desperate to try! (next time!)
so instead i went for the foundation drops in F5 which i should of probably gone for F4 but i can still work with F5 its just a teeny bit darker but i can still work with it so its fine!
I didn't actually realise but on the website it has details of the numbers and what skin tone it is for...which i should of probably looked up before! oops! so i definitely recommend to check that out first and swatch a couple of the testers!

i would say its more of a water based  foundation so the consistency is quite a light formula and quite a sheer foundation. its a medium coverage but it is buildable as i like more of a full coverage foundation but i don't mind that! For those days you just want a slight sheer tone to your face its perfect but also for when you want to build it up! i will be honest with you guys, i get an oily T- zone which is why i wanted to try the other one but this does have a lovely finish to it! and i always powder after to set my foundations. I did wear this on a rather muggy day so after a few hours i did top up my powder a little bit but that's fine, every ones a melting mess on a muggy day!! but the actual look of the foundation looked lovely all day! even though it is quite sheer you get a nice slight glow so its not overly matt but i quite like that. and as i am mainly a matt girl, but not against a sheer foundation, with a powder on top i especially love the finish of this foundation!

Because this is a drop foundation i even brought the brush to go with it so you just put a few drops in the middle of the brush and start applying. The brush makes it alot easier to apply instead trying to drop it on your face so it avoids the mess incase it drips everywhere!
 If you are a very oily person, i would say this foundation probably isn't for you especially if you don't like a water based sheer foundation!

I would definitely keep using this, i really like the formula of this and it blends out beautifully! i just may have to powder a bit more on them warmer days but i can deal with that!
let me know if any of you have tried it and what you guys think?!

revolution pro drop foundation £7
pro liquid foundtion brush £7
absolute bargins!!


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