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Is primark makeup worth the hype?

Ive heard soo many good things about primark make up..yes you heard it right primark make up! that i had to test it myself! to be honest its not a make up line that i ever really thought much about or even looked at before. But i heard that they upped there game and brought out new ranges which were dupes of high end brands!
my primark beauty section isn't the biggest but they had a fair selection there and it seems over the past few months they have been getting more and more things in! i wanted to try all of  the foundations, one of which was a long wear one (i cant remember the exact name? as that one i particular is meant to be a dupe for estee lauder! they unfortunately didn't have my shade which was a real shame as i really wanted to try i but i didn't fancy walking around with a face that totally doesn't match my neck what so ever!.
Admittedly i did forget to pick up a bronzer and a contour set and a primer but i can test these at a later date. i was more interested on these products anyways! more so the foundation, concealer and the eye shadow! everything in the primark range is soo affordable! so automatically you may think cheap price means horrible cheap make up?..that's not always the case, some of the high street brands can even out do the high end brands! just because you pay the earth for a product doesn't necessarily mean you are going to love it because it has more expensive ingredients in. its all down to what suits you and what works best for your skin.

 foundation -  first of its £2.50! its a foundation stick. i picked up mine in the shade ivory.  as i have no tan at the moment it matches my skin perfectly albeit i don't like having a pale face so i do bronze it up just slightly. ( we now have a heatwave and i have colour, yay!)  This product i was pretty shocked at how creamy and how easily it blended onto the skin! completely streak less and it covers pretty well! it says its a medium build able coverage which it defo was, the parts of my face that i wanted a little bit more coverage i did a second application. i do have an oily T zone so after a few hours i did start shining but nothing what a touch up of powder cant cure! overall i really actually liked this foundation so light on the face and blends like a boss!

Concealer -  i would say this concealer is good for covering blemishes but not great for under my eyes, i thought this would be too dark as i normally have a light concealer under my eyes to brighten them but once this was applied it actually wasn't too bad, it did cover slightly but i like a full coverage under my eyes to hide them dark circles! when i tested this i did have a little friend appear on my chin and it completely covered that. i don't mind this concealer but its not my favourite, like it does do the job just not as well as I'm used to! would i reach for it again? yes but only for blemishes not for under my eyes.

Mineral oil free loose powder -   nice fine powder, does the job to take the shine away, but i did find it a bit hard to sieve the powder out but for £2.50 I'm not guna moan about it but i think they should have one of them things like the bare minerals powder does for it to release better, trying to tap it in the lid can be abit messy but all in all its a good powder and gives you a nice matt finish. and you get alot of product in the pot, i just need to be less messy with it!

Blusher...oh my i cant believe how pigmented this is! lovely peachy pink colour and you really need to dab lightly because it soo pigmented! very pretty colour though just go in lightly :)

 Highlighter- literally my favourite out of these! its soo pretty and so pigmented! gives you such a pretty glow....literally the highlighter is pooopppinng!!

Eyeshadow-i brought the individual ones so you can create your own palette. Guys...each eyeshadow is 60p each! you just cant go wrong! so i picked up a couple of matt shades and shimmer and Ive since brought a few more! the matt shades, i do find you have to build them up but you get a nice colour with them just have to build them up abit more than your normal eye shadows like Urban decay so they are a little more time consuming. But  the shimmers are alot more pigmented, i was so impressed by the shimmer ones and they have some really pretty shades in them too. when you are applying them you get a bit of fall out in the pan when you put your brush in, so they are bit more crumbly but no actual fall out on my face! so i was pretty happy with these! so good if your on a budget and didn't want to spend alot on a palette when in primark a 4 palette was £2 or i think the other was an 8 for £3 perfect!

Mascara- my most go to mascara is normally the benefit roller lash mascara i love the brush on it. the primark 3d curl, its ok...not my favourite, I'm not  a huge fan of the applicator, i mean the mascara looks fine on my lashes, its lengthens them etc but i just find the nib abit  flimsy which I'm not keen on because i feel like i cant get a good grip on my lashes, one end of the brush has longer  bristles and the other side  is shorter. i just think its too much of a rubbery feel so it  doesn't enable me to get a good grip like my roller lash does. I feel like i have to do it a few times with this one. its OK but i don't think i would repurchase this unfortunately.

metallic matt liquid lipstick- i really like this product. i wouldn't say its completely matt but that's one of the reasons why i really like it. its not drying on the lips i think because its metallic its a little more soft on and moisturising on them. You can rub your lips together and its not hard where as some matt lipsticks can feel quite chalky and this doesn't give you them "butt hole" lips do you know what i mean?! It stays on the lips like a matt lipsticks but it isn't quite matt but it has that nice sheen to it so its not drying. I will defo be wearing this more!!

what do i think overall? i really like most of the products, i think the only thing i wouldn't buy again is the mascara  but i know other people who  use it and they love it! its just my personal preference :) i think primark have done really well with the new ranges! so affordable and great products! keep it coming primark!!

have you tried the make up? let me know what you think, what you loved and what you wasn't so keen on?



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