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My drug store forever repurchases

Sometimes we try a product that we fall in love straight away and that's it, of we go skipping off into the sun! but in the beauty world its not quite the case as there are sooo many products to test and try, with different formula's etc. so i would say normally, its pretty difficult to find ones that are spot on for us straight away!
but with beauty being a huge thing in the market these days  there are constant new releases that we are drawn to and have to try! even though you have a thousand always want to try them even though you may not need them! get me?!

Having said all of that We all have them holy grail//life saver products that we buy over and over again because we know that they work best for us! and no matter how many other products we buy, try and may really like...we always manage to go back to our roots and go back to our favourite's! 

i LOVE trying new products but i will never leave my little saviours behind. i like to mix up what i use but my at least one of my little holy grails will worm there little way into what I'm using that day!

first one being is the lasting perfection concealer -(shade fair 1) I mainly use the for under my eyes. it literally is the best concealer for covering up my dark circles. and its so bloomin' cheap! its like £4! i love the applicator, the way it applies, how its blends out  but most importantly the way it hides my dark circles wooo!

 Bourjois chocolate bronzer-  in the shade 52 i have used this for years! its just a really nice bronzer! its mainly matt, it has a slight speckle of gold shimmer in the pan but you cant see it once its on your face. Its smells like chocolate! and even though I'm not a chocolate fan- this smells heavenly! it literally lasts for ages, you get quite alot of product, so i don't need to re purchase it that often. its super affordable its like £6.99 and the fact it lasts you such a long time- complete bargain! I would say this is definitely one that i use pretty much as my everyday bronzer as it suits my skin tone when Ive not had any sun! its only on holiday and when i have a tan i tend to use a different one.

Max factor facefinity all day flawless foundation- i love everything about this foundation. the way it feels and looks on the skin, its full coverage without it feeling cakey! i love the shades they have.  this is the foundation i pretty much wear every day just because i know it lasts all day on my skin. definitely a drug store favourite of mine and i cant tell you how many of these i have gotten through over the years! 

what are your drug store re purchases? id love to know!



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