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my favourite products for a pamper evening

I love a good old pamper evening! from having a nice relaxing bubble bath with all my favourite bath products to a good face mask! you name it, if you call it a pamper evening you go all out! right? bath, hair, face, nails, blisssss! although i will be honest with you, i don't actually enjoy painting my nails but i do like it once they are done and are looking pretty!

So first thing is first BATH! literally my favourite thing ever. so we choose a nice bubble bath or a
bath bomb! but we are going for my bath and body works, a thousand wishes bubble bath and ohh myyy it smells insane and guess what?! the bubbles are insane too!
next up, a nice shower gel and yes! again a bath and body works one....I'm addicted to them they smell incredible and are so soft on the skin! if you live in the uk like i do and aren't lucky enough to have a bath and body works here i have a post about how to get hold of them right here in the uk yay! (if you want to check that out too)
I'm not going to go into full details about a bath...we all know how it works, you lay, relax get washed...relax more etc.

So i wash my hair every other day, and a least once a week i like to do a deep conditioning treatment!
as a hair stylist by profession i recommend that this is a must hair care product that you should all be doing and have! our hair can get dry even if your not colouring it or using that much heat. Even being out in normal environments can make your hair dry! so to keep it soft and replenished i always do a hair mask! and if you are one of the those people who colour/ use alot of heat on there hair i would highly recommend you buy a treatment and look after your locks more! i think its safe to say that EVERYONE wants more healthy hair inside and out! the one i use is the wella invigo enrich one, i have bleach on my hair so i like to use one with alot more richness to look after my blonde hair!
if your not going anywhere leave your treatment in for as long as you can, the longer its in the better your hair will feel! i tend to wash my hair first, put the mask on and then leave it on for quite a while whilst I'm in the bath which is normally quite some time if I'm on a pamper session!

As well as looking my hair, i look after my skin to, so without fail i will always moisturise my body after the bath. its the same scent as my shower gel and they are soo moisturising, sink in quickly and don't leave me tacky! and i smell soo good if i do say so myself ha!

Now this is probably my second favourite thing to do (as a bath is my absolute fave!) but i love doing a face mask! whether its a sheet one or a regular one that you apply to your face. where i wear make pretty much every day i like to give my pores and good old clear out lol. even though i do a good skin care regime every day i like to do a face mask once or twice a week for that extra cleanse. my skin always feels amazingly soft after and its just keeps any clogged pores at bay! the one i tend to go for alot is the Origins clear improvements ones.
whilst my face mask is on, that's when i usually paint my nails! and try for a quick drying one! that's the one thing i don't like, is waiting for them to dry! i love what they look like after, but there is nothing more annoying than painting them all, thinking they are dry and you smudge them!! i know you all feel me when i say that! its the most gutting thing ever all that time doing them, so i try and get and use quick drying ones or a quick dry top coat! i do find the nails inc professional ones do take a longer time to dry but they last pretty well on your fingers and toes!

so there you have it, my pamper evening done! then i'll normally find something on netflix and cosy up in bed and feel all nice and relaxed!

what is your favourite type of pamper evening?! let me know!


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