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Zoella splash botanics range

I have been meaning to write this post ever since the splash botanics products launched! but i am FINALLY getting round to doing it!
 i absolutely love all of the ranges Zoella brings out, she never disappoints me with what she brings out! but this range seemed to of caught my attention a lot more, first of all can we just appreciate the packing?! It is just insanely beautiful and its right up my street as I'm obsessed with the palm and monstera leaf prints at the moment! Botanical is very much in right now for summer! and i feel like this range just seems really adult like should i say?! it definitely has more of a grown up feel to it!

 The new range you get:

the botanic eau' body mist -This is sooo different to what she has ever released before but it definitely has a 'summer vibes' scent to it. Its very fresh and floral! its a great price too at just £8! and i love the bottle!

so soft lip oil- I'm really into my lip oils at the moment! and this one smells of cherry- heaven! its soo moisturising definitely a summer must have! I'm going away in a month and this will definitely be in my travel essentials! £5.

Drench me bath soak- i flipping love the design of this! its just so fun, it makes soo many bubbles and smells soo nice! its infused with coconut and lychee....a definite fave of mine! £6.95

make a splash moisturising body wash-  its soo thick! its like the last summer range zoella brought out with this formula, a very thick moisturising body wash and again really pretty packaging! and its a really good product to shave your legs with! £6

lagoon love bath milk- another one of my favourites! i love bath milks, they are soo soft on your skin and its still forms some nice bubbles! one sachet does one bath, but you do get alot of product so you could split it into two baths! £3

quench me moisturising body sorbet- i love the wording on this, sorbet! its quite a light moisturiser and whilst its been so hot its really refreshing to use. Its as though its got like a cooling affect to it which is lovely in the heat! £7

so beautiful cosmetic bag- a great size bag to fit whatever you want in it basically! I'm definitely going to be taking this on holiday and i am obsessed with the print! £10

I have tried and tested all of these products..and used them all up! and i can honestly say i love them all...and i love all of the quirky names to them!
you can find the products on superdrug and feel unique! :) superdrug have 3 for 2 on again at the moment.


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